Chattel Property. Live Life Abundantly

An all new reformed way of living life exorbitantly

Situated in Central South Africa Bloemfontein

Are we living a free life? Do we have an adequate safety level? What is going to happen in our future and our children's future? Where has the family life gone?

Today we are surrounded by immense control and insufficient ruling. We are unable to realise that we were preordained to own our land and that we should have a limitless existence.

We are being financially depleted in an ongoing cycle. We are no longer able to provide a sufficient inheritance for our children.

Enough is Enough! It’s Time to take control and become self-equipped once again. It is time to have a complete self-controlled and self-regulated lifestyle. It is time to find freedom, unity, peace, restoration, joy, supply, provision, care and progress.

Now is the time to let Chattel welcome you to its community.

Chattel is a Rightful Estate Package where peace, purity, provision and prosperity dwell among us. This way we can provide for our children and they can keep their heir ship.

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Welcome to Chattel

Live Life Abundantly

Dying Cities

Provision through ruling that does not work

There is a clear decline in our country's infrastructure. Take a look at our roads, water, wastewater, energy, emergency and disaster services, health care, public safety, and justice system. We need a better system for the care and renewal of our natural world. We need a better solution for basic services.

Expensive building costs and restrictive requirements by municipal forces cause the improvement of cities to be an uphill battle. The paperwork for raw land development, zoning, land use changes, and structural development take time. It takes so much time that the changes often come to late.

New Life, Better living

In a natural environment

Increases in rates & taxes is well-known to South Africans. Low service delivery standards are also common to South African ears. Getting in touch with the right person with the correct municipal connections has also become a challenge for those trying to make a change.

Many lifestyle improvements are needed in our home lives today. We need a place where children can safely explore the natural world around them. Families need to be free to grow food to sustain themselves if they wish to do so.

Services for Residents

Independant & abundant

Chattel is affordable and privately managed. Emphasis is placed on the proper use and care of resources, facilities, and services. Roads, electricity, sewerage and waste management are privately owned and run.

Water is privately gathered, stored, distributed and restored at a high level of care and management.

And since Chattel is outside of city limits, land and structural development can be achieved in a timely manner with fewer municipal restrictions and requirements.